Holiday Calendar 2016- 2017 5777
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October 2nd                                   Eve of

October 3rd                                    First Day of Rosh Hashana

October 4th                                    Second Day of Rosh Hashana

October 11th                                  Eve of

October 12th                                  Yom Kippur

October 16th                                  Erev

October 17th                                  First Day of Sukkot

October 18th                                  Second Day of Sukkot

October 23rd                                      Hoshanah Rabbah (Final Day of Sukkot)

October 24th                           

October 25th                            

December 24th                                  First Night of

December 25th                                  Second Night of Chanukah

December 31st                                  Last Night of Chanukah

January 1st                                       Zot Chanukah (Last day of Chanukah)

January 27th                                     Holocaust Remembrance Day (International)

February 11th                                   Tu B'Shevat

March 9th                                         Fast of Esther

March 11th                                        Erev Purim - Reading of the Megillah

March 12th                                        Purim

April 10th                                          Eve of                    -First Seder

April 11th                                          First Day of Pesach - Second Seder

April 18th                                          Last Day of Pesach

April 23rd                                          Holocaust Remembrance Day

April 30th                                          Israel Memorial Day

May 1st                                             Israel Independence Day

April 14th                                          Lag B'Omer

May 30th                                          Eve of

May 31st                                          Shavuot

June 1st                                            Shavuot

July 11th                                           Fast of Tamuz

August 1st                                         Tisha B'Av - Fast of Av
Rosh Hashanah
Yom Kippur
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