Passover 2018
Our Hebrew School students had a great time when the Model Matzah Bakery came to the
Zelda and Herman Schartz Hebrew School at Temple Sholom. Not only did the children learn
how Shmurah Matzah is made, but they all participated in actually making the matzah.
Children started by threshing natural wheat stalks, separating the wheat from the chaff. Next,
the children collected the wheat grain into hand-driven millstones. The children then ground
the wheat grain into flour. Next, they sifted the flour. They then began mixing the flour with
water and kneaded it into Matzah dough. They rolled the dough out and with special Matzah
perforators making the dough full of holes. Finally, the children brought their matzot to the
brick oven to bake.